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Your Pets Forever continues to add new products!

Elk Antlers–Our BEST SELLER!


Wisconsin-Farmed Elk Antlers–Better than deer antlers as the marrow is softer and more available to the dog.

Consider the Benefits of Elk Antler “Bones”!   All Natural!   There are no harmful chemicals or preservatives.  Long-lasting! Usually lasts over a month. Does not chip or splinter. No odor, no stickiness to leave a mark on the carpet. Hard outer layer, softer marrow for nutrients and taste.

All-natural antlers help keep your dog’s teeth snowy white! They also help maintain good breath! Good mineral supplements as they naturally contain phosphorus, calcium, iron, sodium, and manganese!

No “bugs” associated with butcher bones. Choose SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, XL, or JUMBO

Starting at $15.00


Kitty Toys–“Kätzen Spiel”


These enticing poly-filled toys are infused with organic catnip, providing hours of fun!

Watch your kitty wrestle and roll with these.  Filled with over 4 tablespoons of fresh catnip.  Renew catnip smell with catnip oil spray.  

$6 (Small Kitty Sock) or $12 (Large Kitty Stick) + shipping/handling



Hand-Crafted Collars


Hand-crafted Dog Collars by “Gypsy” of Winterstorm Kennels.

Made to order.

1 inch wide collars Medium and Large. Metal clasp—$26 + shipping/handling

Don’t see “your Team”?  Contact us!

Size & Team
Which Team?


High-quality Rosewood or Walnut  Tile Box for a 6X6 tile is perfect for elegantly displaying your pet’s picture. With a quality satin finish, the  Tile Box has pads on the bottom to protect surfaces and can be velvet-lined,  and locked with a key.  Keep your pet’s ashes, tags, collar, awards, and pictures all in a special place! Tile is done in color or laser-etched black/white.  Memento Boxes can be customized to suit your budget. $75-$100  Contact Us for details.  Send high resolution Jpeg (300 pixels) with an inscription to rich.kris@charter.net

Type of wood


Are you looking for a way to memorialize your pet or perhaps the pet of a friend?

These porcelain ornaments are a great gift!

Send high resolution Jpeg (300 pixels) with inscription for the back to rich.kris@charter.net

Pet mementos, Porcelain ornament, inscription on back, custom design               

Name/Date on Back

Email high resolution jpeg to rich.kris@charter.net

 Calming/Comfort Collars with Essential Oils!

An alternative to the Thunder Shirt, this Calming Collar is infused the Essential Oil, Lavender.  For all types of anxiety, fear, and over-excitement issues.  The fragrance of lavender is calming, relaxing, and balancing – physically and emotionally!   These collars can also be used to cool dogs off in the summer.  They can be soaked in water, and put into the refrigerator for cooling.  Sizes are adjustable:  Medium, Large, and Extra-Large

$12 +FREE SHIPPING on this item!

Adjustable Size
Color Choice

Dog Toys

        Hand-crafted pull toys made of polyester fleece, choose your own colors    

Hand-crafted Tug-Toys! Ideal for Agility Training! Use interactively with your dog! Throw to your dog for a game of Fetch. Hold on one end for a game of Tug! Dogs should be supervised for independent play and chewing. Seasonal fabrics used for holidays! Small/Medium/Large, starting at $8.00

Ball-in-a-Bag contains a KONG Ball.(Size Medium) $10.00


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