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4 reviews for Shop Life’s Abundance Products

  1. Paula B

    Great customer service, I always am very pleased with everything I have always purchased. Great company.

  2. Jamie

    Our dogs are family. They get only the best from places we trust to be honest and produce quality products. Life’s Abundance never lets us down. From their daily food providing proper nutrition, to the soft food we selected to hand feed during end of life care, to porky puffs for our teething puppy, we know we can trust Kris to offer everything we need…all on auto delivery to our front door so we never run out!

  3. Joe

    We purchase the Weight Loss Food for our dog to keep her at a healthy weight. Our dog LOVES the food, and it is not filled with fillers as a lot of weight-loss dog food is. She has had CCL surgeries, so she also is on Agility as a glucosamine supplement Now at 11, she runs like a pup! I personally order the Probiotics for myself as well as the Greens Blend. All on autoship, right to my front door. Life’s Abundance quality control is my assurance of quality goods.

  4. Matthew

    Life’s Abundance was recommended to me by my vet due to my dog needing a special diet due to stomach issues caused from Lymes disease. He’s had very positive results eating Lyfes Abundance for the last 4 years
    Kris has many different products to offer and is very knowledgeable and caring.
    Whenever I order it’s here within a couple of days

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