Elk Antlers


Elk Antlers from a Certified USDA Wisconsin Farm

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Wisconsin-Farmed Elk Antlers

Better than deer antlers as the marrow is softer and more available to the dog.
Consider the Benefits of Elk Antler “Bones”! All Natural! There are no harmful chemicals or preservatives. Long-lasting! Usually lasts over a month. Does not chip or splinter. No odor, no stickiness to leave a mark on carpet. Hard outer layer, softer marrow for nutrients and taste.
All-natural antlers help keep your dog’s teeth snowy white! They also help maintain good breath! Good mineral supplements as they naturally contain phosphorus, calcium, iron, sodium, and manganese!
No “bugs” associated with butcher bones. Choose SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, XL, or JUMBO

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Whole, Split


Small (4.5 in), Medium (6 in), Large (8 in), XL (10 in), Jumbo (12 in)


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