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Do you ever think retirement is the END of the road?

I’m here to tell you that is just not so! My name is Kris Leaver and I grew up in Wauwatosa, WI, and entered the field of Special Education in Beaver Dam, WI. We raised 3 children to adulthood, and found that although we both worked professional full-time jobs, our financial planner told us we would eventually run out of money! Finally, the stress of teaching got to me (Loved the kids, wasn’t too crazy about the paperwork, etc). So I retired after 23 years. Even with careful planning, we knew we were going to come up short in those later years. Add to that some poor decisions in “family loans”, and we needed to pay the bills.

After retiring from teaching, I needed something to motivate myself. Dogs were my passion (and my family), so this business was and is the perfect fit. My husband was totally in support of my part-time job that led me to new adventures. We enjoy the financial freedom that can make retirement a little less stressful!

Before I began my business, I researched pet businesses and found this to be a growing market. People want to spend money on their pets! In order to reach as many pet owners as possible, I began to show my products at statewide vendor events. I developed a line of handcrafted pet items. During that time, I also made connections with the owner of a WI Elk farm, offering organic, natural chews for dogs. These are also offered on my site.

We offer solutions to pet problems: Boredom — Cat and dog toys. Anxiety -Supplements and toys that calm.  Aggressive Chewers – Elk antlers. Joint, Skin, and Digestive Issues- Solution Sets to address these problems.  It is important that we provide our customers with a feeling of confidence that they are being good pet parents!  AND our entire line of vet-formulated food, treats, and supplements is holistically formulated by veterinarians and nutritionists!  Check out our reviews!

Early in the business, I joined the Beaver Dam Chamber of Commerce and became an Ambassador for our community. I found other network marketers who challenged me to grow. I knew this was just what I needed to go to the next level!  As an Independent Rep for pawTree, I am able to help Pet Parents who are struggling with their pet’s health issues.   Those who join me in the business see that they can earn discounts and commissions simply by recommending what they use for their pets!

I enjoy talking to pet owners and value their relationships. They become like family,  and I am grateful for the time and opportunity I have with my business to support other causes dear to my heart, such as volunteering in our local Food Pantry. My vision is to extend that support and caring to all my customers and teammates so that we can work together to make this a better place for pets and people alike.

The successful networkers I know, the ones receiving tons of referrals and feeling truly happy about themselves, continually put the other person’s needs ahead of their own.” Bob Burg

It’s great to meet you, and thanks for reading my story! Click the button below to learn how I can help you with pet issues, and, if interested, find a way to bring extra income to your bank account!

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