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Affordable Ways for Dog Owners to Keep Their Homes Clean

By Guest Columnist Tyler Evans

Apart from being man’s best friend, dogs can also make it difficult for their owners to keep their homes clean. They usually shed their fur, dander, and saliva, which can be difficult to get out of your furniture and carpeting if you don’t handle them quickly. It’s possible to keep both your house and budget in good shape with a consistent cleaning plan as well as a few preventative measures. 

Create Off-Limit Zones Inside

According to How to Train a New Dog, there could be any number of reasons your dog won’t stay off your furniture or out of rooms you’d like to keep off-limits. The sooner you start to train your dog, the more likely it is that you’ll see the effects of having less fur, dander, and saliva to clean up. In some cases, you can allow your dog access to certain furniture, or you can limit all furniture access. You can enforce boundaries by gently removing your dog from the furniture while gently saying, “no” and stocking your dog’s desired play areas with toys. There are also times when a dog training collar will be useful for establishing boundaries. Whether you choose one that’s remote-controlled or equipped with or without an electric shock, the collar will give your dog a warning when they’re about to do something undesirable. 

Create Boundaries Outside

Installing a wooden fence around your home can not only keep your dog safe from injuries or getting into trouble, but it can also keep them clean so they don’t track mud and dirt into your house. According to Duke Fence, fencing your yard is a better alternative to putting a chain on your dog as it can make them more aggressive. Chains are also more likely to lead to your dog getting entangled and could result in them injuring themselves. If you want to install a wood fence in your yard, this project will cost you $2,753 on average, but costs may increase depending on which type of wood you use and if you want to add a gate.

Dog Grooming is Essential

A few of the benefits of having your dog groomed is that it makes it easier to spot injuries, any skin conditions your dog has can be identified and treated, and groomers are usually able to detect parasites. Regular grooming will also get rid of the excess fur your dog may shed around your home and cut down on the spread of dander.  Using the proper shampoo, in-between-bath products, and anti-itch for ears and skin can make a world of difference!

Consistent baths and teeth cleaning will also address the dog-related odors that usually plague dog owners’ homes. While some grooming activities are best carried out by professional groomers, you can keep control of your spending by learning to groom your dog yourself. According to PETA, you can groom your dog properly by using the right type of scissors to cut your dog’s fur and using pet-friendly shampoos.

Be Consistent and Save

You’re more likely to avoid the use of professional cleaning services if you stick to a regular cleaning schedule. A typical cleaning schedule for dog owners should include sweeping, vacuuming, dusting and cleaning carpets or rugs. In that way, you’ll not only get rid of pesky hair and dander, but you can also control odors. Since fabrics such as bed linens and upholstery covers are prone to holding on to hair and odors, be sure to wash these on a regular basis. You should also make sure your dog’s bedding, food bowls, and toys are cleaned on a regular basis. When choosing cleaning products, look out for those that are pet safe and have good reviews so your cleaning can be effective.   Life’s Abundance cleaning products have been sold for more than a decade, because their customers were as much interested in cleaning products safe for pets as they were interested in eco friendly cleaners.

Owning a dog can be fun, but cleaning up after them, not so much. Still, you can make sure your home stays fresh and clean without breaking your budget. All you need is a plan to clean regularly and the determination to establish some boundaries. 

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