Using Positive Reinforcement with your Dog


Having your dog in control on your walk is the ultimate goal. But if even occasionally your dog succeeds lunging toward his target, he will try this over and over again. This negative behavior, rewarded intermittently has a great influence over your dog. Instead, every time your dog is on the leash, use positive reinforcement to work toward the goal. Read on for more of Tara Schatz‘ article from

“Your dog’s daily walk is probably one of the most exciting parts of his day, and while a strong leash is essential for safety, it can be frustrating for your dog, who is eager to sniff, run, and explore. The good news is that no matter how hard your dog pulls on the leash, he can be taught to walk politely by your side using humane and rewarding methods.

What is Positive Reinforcement Training?

The premise of positive reinforcement training is to offer your dog a reward for actions or behaviors that you are looking for, essentially teaching your dog that if you they do what you ask, good things happen. A reward can be a treat, toy, praise, or playtime. It can even be moving forward on a walk, or being allowed time to sniff and explore. Offering rewards for desired behaviors will help establish positive routines, deter pulling, and reduce frustration on both sides.

Using these methods to teach your dog to walk politely on a leash will teach self control and decision making without violating your dog’s trust in you. Because your dog trusts you and your methods, he will readily repeat the behaviors that you’re looking for in many unpredictable and distracting situations.”

Join us tomorrow as we give you a step by step method to walk “Loose Leash” with your dog!

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