When is it the Right Time?


No other topic brings such emotion to the surface quite like discussing “end of life” options for our pets.  Veterinarians trained in end-of-life care look for  very specific quality of life assessments that can give the pet parents some direction when making  this agonizing decision.  Appetite, mobility, hydration, pain, interest in their surroundings, and hygiene are all very specific categories they can assess to determine a pet’s quality of life.  “It’s better to be a week too early than a minute too late.”…so says the author of the book, “All Dogs Go to Kevin”, Jessica Vogelsang. Here is her article on pet parents who are struggling with one of the most significant decisions they will have to make in a pet’s life.http://ow.ly/Sy7H7

For more help with the grieving process for pet owners, click our “Saying Goodbye” page.

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